Monthly Archives: October 2016

Week 13

ELA: We will be starting with our quiz Monday! Be sure to study up (though you already know this!) Testing will make classes a little strange this week, but we will be continuing with poetry and descriptive language.

SS: We will be continuing with China and philosophies, as well as trade and Buddhism.

Week 12

ELA: Don’t forget, our essay is due MONDAY, which means TOMORROW! (Unless you have spoken to me otherwise). We will be beginning our poetry unit this week! So be prepared to learn some awesome elements of poetry Monday and Tuesday, and begin reading one of my favorites Wednesday. We will work on writing our own poem Friday, and have a surprise activity to accompany it.

SS: In social studies, we will continue our unit on Asian Civilizations. Our quiz on Wednesday will cover the Mongols, Ottoman Empire, and the first part of ancient China. So study up! We will have some fun group activities to help us learn about various Chinese philosophies Thursday and Friday, and you will get to show us your acting skills!

Week 11

Hello there!

Week 11 is here, and it’s going to be a strange one. Remember that Monday and Thursday are half-days, and Friday there’s no school due to parent conferences. This means we need to be extra focused this week!

ELA: We will be continuing the essays we started last week, they will be due next MONDAY!

SS: We will have a brief introduction to China, and be completing some activities that will help us master the material.