Monthly Archives: November 2016

Week 16

Welcome back! I hope you all had a lovely break!

ELA: In ELA this week, there will be a series of writing workshops to help improve our writing skills.

SS: Social studies we will be finishing up our Japan unit and be introduced to our unit project!

Week 15

ELA: In ELA, we will be working on our CASA curriculum and discuss what it means to be part of a community.

SS: In social studies, we will continue with Japan, and have a pretty awesome art project Thursday!

Week 14

Grades are almost due again guys! Make sure you’re studying up and turning in all your work! Also, short week this week!

ELA: We will be finishing our poetry unit this week with point of view and another socratic seminar! Don’t forget, our vocab quiz is on Thursday as well! Study, study, study!

SS: Social studies this week will finish our unit on China and begin on Japan! Tuesday we will have a review activity/game, and Wednesday we will begin our introduction to Japan. The final quiz on China will be on Thursday so PLEASE study!!! It will consist of matching, true or false, and short answers.